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At Imagetext we understand what schools need with their ICT support needs:

  • Dedicated account manager and engineering resources who are ex‑teaching faculty.
  • Education pricing on products and services that reflects the importance of your business and the role you play in our society.
  • Our engineering credentials include certified Cisco Meraki Network Engineers, Jamf School and Jamf Pro engineers and we are a proud member of the Apple Consultants Network.
  • Our solutions are tailored and specific to your school to ensure that your technology is working at its best for both students and faculty.

Digital Learning Environments

Online learning platforms are key for curriculum delivery. As schools integrate digital learning into their pedagogy; teaching faculty, student, security and network demands increase significantly. Crucial to efficient delivery of these are education focussed technologies such as:

  • Apple School Manager,
  • a device management solution (MDM) such as Jamf School (formerly Zulu Desk),
  • and end-to-end security solutions such as those from Cisco Meraki.

Such systems allow secure deployment, configuration of settings and distribution of content and applications, managed through easily navigated dashboards. Keeping track of managed devices, users and applications has never been easier.

Along with robust technology delivery platforms, a confidence in using the technology meaningfully in the classroom is key to taking advantage of the learning enhancements these devices can deliver. Supporting the teaching staff to develop skills and knowledge to deliver new levels of digital literacy is a central goal of our education portfolio.

Digital Literacy for Teaching Faculty

Imagetext have partnered with Seed Consulting, an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, to deliver some of the most valuable professional learning development you could ever engage in. Working with all year levels and delivering programs in a understanding and encouraging learning environment, you will not find better.

Each one of us learns differently. Apple technology makes it possible for learning and teaching to be maximised. Give each user the most appropriate tools to demonstrate their understanding and support them to take advantage of the capabilities the devices provide.

Technology by itself doesn’t do anything. It’s about how it can be integrated into the curriculum, and the creativity that is used to coax understanding and learning from students. We take teachers through the process of learning to use their own technology, and then starting to use it meaningfully within the learning programme in the classroom.

Then, embedding these skills and expanding on the development of opportunity and complexity of the information processed, students are then able to utilise in technology in their learning in a meaningful way.

To achieve the most from your technology, utilising staff who have a deep and broad knowledge allows us to filter and condense the ideas and skills to encourage teachers to embrace change through a very compassionate and encouraging, non critical manner.

Click here to find out more (PDF 125KB)

Apple School Manager

Authorised Education Reseller
In Apple’s own words:

Apple School Manager is a simple, web-based portal for IT administrators to deploy iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Mac computers all from one place. When this portal is used with your mobile device management (MDM) solution, you can configure device settings and buy and distribute content. Apple School Manager integrates with Student Information Systems (SISs), SFTP and federated authentication with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) so you can quickly create accounts with school rosters and classes.

Apple School Manager makes it seamless to set devices up right out of the box. Gone are the days of manual configuration. Allowing automatic enrolment in your MDM and ensuring devices are configured based on your schools customised requirements, it offers an automated zero touch deployment that is scalable and secure.

Mobile Device Management for Education

jamf SCHOOL formerly ZuluDesk
There is no better tool for Apple device management than Jamf School (formerly Zulu Desk) – it is purpose-built for schools. Deploying, managing and securing Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV is done with ease. With an intuitive web-based interface creating and managing users, user groups and device groups, classroom management and profile assignments are painless., Pairing the Jamf school management system with teacher, parent and student apps maximises the tech tools for teachers.

Students working on devices

End to End Security for Schools, Wireless and Network Infrastructure

Cisco Meraki
Safer schools is every ones goal and education network solutions from Cisco Meraki are ahead of the curve. Offering a blend off endpoint, network and physical security, Cisco Meraki enables a safer environment for schools. Options include WiFi access points, endpoint management, security appliances, and security cameras. Malware, phishing scams, viruses and rogue devices can all be blocked by IT teams easily as all Meraki products are managed entirely through an intuitive, web-based dashboard and are updated automatically through the cloud. At Imagetext we specialise in network and WiFi planning to optimise network performance and maximise the use of available bandwidth while still maintaining a safe environment.

Download an end-to-end  security in education ebook here (PDF 668KB)

Customised BYOD Online Store

Imagetext - Mac and Windows expertsImagetext can provide a customised online BYOD store for your students or staff to purchase “bring your own devices” (BYOD). Personalised to your school with both branding and content backed up by unparalleled after sales service and Apple Authorised repair services if required.

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