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Over 30 years, the IT field has changed dramatically. In that time, the digital landscape has remade itself several times over. Yet, we're still proud to be a part of our partners' business journey, guiding them through this disruptive world of IT, one that is changing at an ever-increasing rate.

It's 1984, and the Apple Macintosh has just been introduced to the market. Imagetext's three founders are faced with a monumental decision: continue down the existing typesetting track, or forge a new path into the strange "digital" typesetting landscape. Keep in mind the concept of a "World Wide Web" had yet to be developed, so there was little idea that this technology would evolve into the global network we have today. Fortunately for Imagetext, the decision to strike out on this new path was the right choice, yet it hasn't always been smooth sailing.


We credit our ability to weather 30 years of change and remain a market leader in the IT industry to the close partnership with our clients. We take pride in forming relationships that span over two decades – it's our dedication to long-term partnerships that has been key to flourishing in the digital world.

Our biggest asset, which has kept Imagetext ahead in a highly competitive industry, is our talented staff. We're a close-knit team, where 65% of us have been with the company for 12 plus years. Inclusion and diversity are an intrinsic part of our culture – we have a mix of diverse cultures, and 40% are female.

In addition, professional development is fostered as a matter of course for the betterment of both ourselves and our partners. Ongoing training helps us ensure Imagetext stays light on its feet and provides the right IT consulting advice to assist businesses to grow and improve productivity.

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Meet Our Executive Team

Darius Mistry

Managing Director

Darius Mistry has over 35 years of experience working at the forefront of business and technology integration. After completing his Postgraduate in Marketing, he began his sales, marketing, and IT consulting career, working in the corporate world at Siemens, Wang, and HP. Darius later focussed on general management before becoming a shareholder at Imagetext. He has led many complex IT projects in the financial, manufacturing, airline, and legal industries during his career. Darius was also involved in establishing the first Apple dealership in Bahrain.
Having been part of Imagetext for over 25 years, Darius sees himself as both a leader and a custodian. He says his role is to shape and guide Imagetext’s growth in a sustainable manner by fostering a customer-centric culture where staff are continuously encouraged to develop their skills.
Keeping a balance in life between work and family is vital to Darius. In his personal time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and daughter. Darius loves travelling, including riding his motorbike around. He is an active Rotarian and is involved in mentoring and various community projects with youth and Age Concern.

John Preisig

Technical Director

As the Technical Director, John Preisig has considerable knowledge and over 30 years of experience in all aspects of IT operations management and infrastructure design and deployment services. He provides technical direction on business decisions and the execution of specific projects focusing on successfully creating and delivering products and solutions to the marketplace.
He constantly provides technical leadership to the team and oversees the team’s development of skillsets to ensure that Imagetext’s technical offering continues to grow and evolve.
In his spare time, John enjoys building and restoring classic cars, both race and street-legal cars. Combined with his other interest in 3D printing, including building his own, it gives him the ability to fabricate nearly anything needed when restoring classic cars where parts are no longer available.

Edwina Mistry

Director of Operations

Edwina is an accomplished IT professional with over 35 years of sales, marketing, and education experience. She is actively involved in creating diversity in the tech industry by promoting technology as a career for secondary school students and women through various organisations, including Ytech?.
Edwina joined the Imagetext team working with the Directors and management to optimise outcomes to advance its success and lead it into its next phase of innovation and growth. She brings her highly effective communication skills and broad experience to the business and its people’s transformation with a client-centric approach. In addition, she is overseeing the operational planning and strategic business goals for Imagetext.
Outside of work, she enjoys her role as a Board member of Age Concern Auckland, Tech for Good, and Industry Advisor for the University of Canterbury School of Product Design and Manukau Institute’s School of Business and Digital Tech. In addition, she loves spending time with her family at the beach, travelling, shopping, cooking, and interior design.

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