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Love your Apple product but can't get it to connect to your Windows network? Worried about the complexity of managing a multi-OS environment?

Our Apple expertise is undisputed, with the largest team of Apple-certified engineers in New Zealand. However, our team of consultants and engineers also hold registered certifications with Microsoft, so we're by no means a one-trick pony. We specialise in the seamless integration of Apple technologies into Windows and other settings, with the result that you can deploy your favourite devices in any network.

Let's face it, people who use Apple products love them, and want to continue working with them. Similarly, those who are used to using Windows on their PC feel uncomfortable moving to a Mac. And Linux users would rather stick with Linux. The bigger your company, the more likely you are to have multiple device and operating system (OS) preferences within your workforce.

By allowing your employees to use the OS of their choice, you generate a happier, more productive work environment. Additionally, you reduce the amount of re-training required for new employees.

In the same way, it's more efficient to let people work using a device they're familiar with. And, of course, modern times mean more people working from home on their own devices.

Be an equal opportunity employer: don't discriminate on device or OS choice. You want your staff to be comfortable and happy with what they're using, so that they can contribute productively to your team.

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