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Relevant Case Studies

Squirrel Case Study

Squirrel streamlines device management and improves the user experience with Jamf With headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, Squirrel is a quirky brand and trusted mortgage company who’s written over $8 billion in home loans and $100 million in peer-to-peer loans – helping out a lot of Kiwis in the process. They’ve been in business for…

Simx case study

Focusing on core business value delivers bottom-line results As a general rule, you would not expect the marketing department to drive the information technology strategy of a company, so back in 2001 when Simx Ltd bought two Apple Mac computers for in-house design, nobody expected that decision would eventually change the company’s entire strategic approach…

Imagetext is an Apple Authorised Education Reseller and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. We have proven experience and expertise in Apple products and services.

Apple offers solutions for device deployment and management as well as a range of apps and books. In addition, education pricing is available both for schools and individual teachers and students.

We'll help you decide what's best for your school in terms of ROI, ease of use and ease of management.

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