Cyber Security

Would you trust a company that failed to protect its customer data?

Failing to adequately protect your systems from cyber attacks does not mean just putting a few files at risk. At best, a cyber security breach might cause some downtime and loss of productivity in the office. At worst, it could cost your entire business.

Relevant Case Studies

Simx case study

Focusing on core business value delivers bottom-line results As a general rule, you would not expect the marketing department to drive the information technology strategy of a company, so back in 2001 when Simx Ltd bought two Apple Mac computers for in-house design, nobody expected that decision would eventually change the company’s entire strategic approach…

Goody Case Study

Premium service provides loyalty at its best Retail, whether it’s fashion, food, or anything in between, is an unforgiving business and when you are providing a loyalty program to retailers, you can’t afford to ever have a bad hair day. As such, reliable systems and outstanding support 24/7 are the bare minimum required to underpin…

A cyber security breach can have a devastating and long-lasting effect on your reputation as well as your finances. Customers will be shy of dealing with an organisation that apparently doesn't treat their data with due care. Coupled with the inevitable lawsuits and angry posts on social media, this will negatively impact your growth and bottom line.

There's always a lag between a new vulnerability being identified and a patch being created to fix it. At the same time, the increase in connected devices opens your network to more sources of risk. It's not possible to completely defend everything. What is imperative, however, is to strategically and proactively protect critical systems and data using multiple defence methods, to minimise the risk of breach.

We can advise on, and help you implement, your cyber security policies and systems, including anti-virus and malware protection, incident logging, staff education, using VPNs and keeping software updated regularly.

It can take decades to build your brand reputation. Then almost overnight, a cyber breach can tear it, and your company's future, to shreds. Why take the risk?

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