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Do you have the best network set up for your business?

Business computer networks these days are having to become more flexible, with remote offices, hot-desking and work-from-anywhere requirements. With flexibility comes complexity; do you have the most efficient setup for your needs?

Relevant Case Studies

Simx case study

Focusing on core business value delivers bottom-line results As a general rule, you would not expect the marketing department to drive the information technology strategy of a company, so back in 2001 when Simx Ltd bought two Apple Mac computers for in-house design, nobody expected that decision would eventually change the company’s entire strategic approach…

Goody Case Study

Premium service provides loyalty at its best Retail, whether it’s fashion, food, or anything in between, is an unforgiving business and when you are providing a loyalty program to retailers, you can’t afford to ever have a bad hair day. As such, reliable systems and outstanding support 24/7 are the bare minimum required to underpin…

You need a professional IT support company to help with your networking requirements. Imagetext will ensure you get a more efficient setup tailored to your needs. From your office WiFi network to working in the cloud; remote offices on your wide area network to connecting via VPNs; we set up your systems so that staff can work more efficiently with less downtime. This means you run a more efficient business, which saves you money in the long run.

To achieve greater flexibility you also need to consider connectivity from everywhere; working in the cloud, staff working from home, BYOD. This flexibility must be balanced with the security of your network; after all, opening up everything in your business to everywhere is a potential security issue. Managing this balance with appropriate solutions is an area where a professional IT company can really add value.

Imagetext is your ideal IT support partner, because with over three decades in the business, we have the expertise to help. What's more, we can provide on-demand support to supplement your in-house IT team, or take over your network management in its entirety. Whatever your requirements, we've got your back.

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