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You don’t last over three decades as leaders in the IT game, without some serious foresight, luck or both.

It’s 1984 and the Apple Macintosh has just been introduced to the market. Imagetext’s three founders are faced with a monumental decision: Continue down the existing typesetting track, or forge a new path into the strange ‘digital’; typesetting landscape. Keep in mind the concept of a ‘World Wide Web’ had yet to be developed, so there was little idea that this technology would evolve into the global network we have today. Fortunately for Imagetext, the decision to strike out on this new path was the right choice, yet it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

Over 30 years the IT field has changed dramatically. In that time, the digital landscape has remade itself several times over, yet we’re still proud to be a part of our partner’s business journey, guiding them through this disruptive world of IT, one that is changing at an ever-increasing rate.

We credit our ability to weather 30 years of change and still remain a market leader in the IT industry to the close partnership with our clients. We take pride in forming relationships that span over two decades – it’s our dedication to long-term partnerships that has been key to flourishing in the digital world.

Our second biggest asset which has kept Imagetext ahead in a highly competitive industry is our focus on our talented staff, fostering their professional development through continued learning, for the betterment of both ourselves and our partners. Ongoing training helps us ensure Imagetext stays light on its feet, and provides the right IT consulting advice to assist businesses grow and improve productivity.

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Whether you’re a CEO seeking greater productivity, a business owner looking to save on IT spending or simply an IT manager looking to optimise the tech you already have our specialised team is there to lend a hand. Imagetext offer a comprehensive range of IT services in the Auckland region. Our specialties include:

  • Mobile device management
  • Mobile application management
  • Mobile content management
  • Virtualisation
  • Backup and storage management
  • Digital workflow
  • Wireless and network infrastructure and security.
  • Web development and optimisation

We also support a comprehensive range of IT solutions include project management, technology roadmapping, web design and development and tech auditing services, Our core services include:


Imagetext represents a number of world-class brands and is an industry leader in Mac and Windows integration. Below are some of our technical accreditation’s:

  • Apple Premium Service Provider
  • Apple Consultants Network
  • Apple Authorised Reseller
  • Microsoft Silver Partner
  • Office 365
  • Adobe Platinum Re seller
  • Kerio Preferred Partner
  • Cisco Meraki qualified sales and technical staff



Managing Director

Darius Mistry has over 30 years experience working at the forefront of business and technology integration.

Darius began his career in IT consulting, sales and marketing, later focusing on project management before progressing into general management. During his career he has led many complex IT projects in the financial, manufacturing, airline and legal industries. Darius was also involved in establishing the first Apple dealership in Bahrain.

Having been part of Imagetext for over 20 years, Darius sees himself as both a leader and a custodian. He says his role is to shape and guide Imagetext’s growth in a sustainable manner, by fostering a customer-centric culture where staff are encouraged to continuously develop their skills.


Technical Director

As the leader of the Imagetext technical services team, John Preisig has little patience for those who blindly implement technology without analysing the business’ needs beforehand, believing the holistic approach the way to go.

A self-confessed geek, John helps customers grow their business by using the best technology tools available to grow for both now and in the future.