iPhone & iPad consultancy

Apple's iPhone and iPad are extremely powerful tools for any business. Featuring incredible applications that improve your business productivity, the iPhone and iPad has set the bench mark for mobile business computing.


Imagetext, being part of the Apple Consultants Network have the expertise to help you design, scope and deliver your iOS rollout.

Join a growing number of Enterprise clients that are benefiting from our expertise and continued commitment to the Apple platform.


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iPhone and iPad in business

Mobile Device Management

As true mobility begins to offer additional productivity gains in any business, significant numbers of smartphone and tablet devices are being deployed.

The need to manage these devices effectively and securely, becomes crucial and can be challenging.


This is where Mobile Device Management comes into play. Imagetext can provide you with the necessary tools and visibility to manage iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and more on your network.

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Mac and Windows Integration

For a considerable amount of time, Imagetext has been a driving force behind the push towards a true agnostic network. The benefits can be enormous for your business!!


It's never been a better time to give staff a choice as to which technology suits them best, whether it's a Windows machine or a Mac.

Imagetext can assist you with the hardware, the software and of course the solution to put it all together and start taking advantage of a true cross-platform environment.


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