Why professional IT project management is vital

25 Aug 2017

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The International Data Group’s CIO website specifies that the difficulties associated with information technology lie in the fact it’s ”always moving, changing, adapting and challenging business as we know it.” Trying to use technology to develop your business requires expert understanding of how it can develop over time, and how you can use it on a project-by-project basis. When undertaking a large-scale IT project, it is vital that you are forward-thinking, map every step of the process and make sure there is a clear project leader with whom to address issues and questions.

With that in mind, it’s clear you need a manager who can easily adapt to change. Effective project management, with one eye on your budget and existing business infrastructure and the other on moving forward, can bring your business’ IT to new heights. Imagetext offers a comprehensive project management service from start to finish, to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of the best IT possible.

Why IT projects fail

  1. Insufficient planning – Being clear in your business intentions from the outset is vital to meeting your goals. Without a firm idea about how you are moving forward or flag posts for assessing progress, businesses often waste valuable time and repeat costly mistakes.
  2. The budget is inappropriate – sometimes your budget defines the scope of your project, and ineffective management means you can easily surpass this without noticing. Similarly, effective management from the start ensures that your budget won’t place any unnecessary constraints on project progress.
  3. The scope of the project doesn’t suit – sometimes simple solutions with short-term effects can be the most appropriate. Other situations require complex technological upgrades or integration. A professional IT project manager can make those decisions effectively.

Why Imagetext’s project management strategy works

The team at Imagetext uses the PRINCE2 management methodology – widely recognised in private businesses worldwide – to ensure timeframes are met, risks are managed and goals are achieved. Promoting integrated communication within the business is key to how Imagetext’s IT project managers operate, with team members and other managers encouraged to contribute to project efficiency.

Information technology is ”always moving, changing, adapting and challenging business.”

Cross-platform management is now easier than ever, with phone apps and communications software giving managers greater contact with every stage of the project. However, when it comes to the complexities of managing IT projects, it’s essential to have expertise in digital technology and management.

Before embarking on an IT project, it’s best to ensure you can proceed safely in the knowledge that you have an effective and professional manager at the helm. Any business downtime could prove costly, so finding the right management strategy from the start is vital. Imagetext’s project management services offer comprehensive guidance on your project, helping you traverse the tricky IT landscape. For more information, contact us today.


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