Technology never sleeps – why iCare doesn’t either

16 Aug 2017

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In 2017, technology is integrated into every aspect of our business lives – it defines your operations, connects you with suppliers and customers, and provides a forum for increasing your sales online.

Last year, nearly every business in New Zealand used the internet in its operations, with more than a third of these connected through fibre optic, according to Statistics NZ. Consequently, any delay or downtime in online operations could be costly.

It is important you have round-the-clock support for your business’ technological infrastructure, to ensure that, no matter what, you can prevent damaging downtime. Imagetext Integrated’s ICare solutions is a comprehensive support service, operating both on-site and remotely, to keep your technology performing at its peak.

Last year, nearly every business in New Zealand used the internet in its operations, with more than a third of these connected with fibre optic.

Comprehensive technology support

ICare is a service level agreement designed to suit a variety of user needs. Adaptable to match your business’ unique requirements and budget, it is also compatible with a range of technologies and console devices. Our support services are applicable to both hardware and software, meaning that no matter the issue, we can provide maintenance and support.

ICare services come with a detailed technology report, meaning you can track your ongoing use and areas you may need to improve or upgrade. You can also utilise strategic IT planning from our digital professionals who will guide you on how to get the best from your technology. All of this support comes with priority maintenance service, ensuring that any fault in your business’ technology is addressed as quickly as possible whenever you need it.

Technology never sleeps – Why ICare doesn’t either

Online, the business world never shuts, so our ICare services ensure your business stays running smoothly no matter where you are or what time it is. Our services can be employed remotely, with specialist certified engineers able to guide your through a range of technological fixes.

For those needing help outside of regular business hours, we can provide assistance through our world-class help desk system. Our response times are guaranteed, meaning your business’ issues will be addressed promptly and you’ll be back online in no time. ICare services remain available around the clock, so your business’ technology can too.

Technology never stops, and neither does your support and protection with Imagetext’ ICare solution. Contact the team today for more information.


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