IT Security Strategic Management

30 Sep 2021

Security Policies and Response Plan

Robust security practices and policies, clearly understood by all employees, mitigate risk to the organisation

As a business, risk management and mitigation are at the forefront of decision making and policy creation. With online technology integration into the day-to-day operations of businesses today it has never been more important to protect information and reduce the impact a cyber security incident can have on your business. While work is continuously undertaken to evaluate and implement security solutions into the organisation the governance aspect, which includes updating company policies and response plans, can be left behind.

Information assets are vital for the productivity and ongoing viability of any organisation.  It is crucial to have comprehensive policies in place so that every member of the organisation clearly understands the security strategy and expectations, whether the location is office-based or remote. Security must be carefully planned, effectively executed and constantly monitored, to be effective it really needs to look at processes from end to end – physical, operational and technical.

Security strategies should cover both in-office and remote working

At Imagetext we often deal with the implementation of technology to assist organisations in mitigating risks and sometimes assist in the implementation of governance policies dealing with IT security. We have established comprehensive security policies for organisations, working from home and a cybersecurity incident response plan, so if you need assistance in these areas then please get in contact with us, we would love to help.

Policies available include:

Comprehensive IT and Security Policy

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

Information and Physical security Policy

Work from Home (WFH) Policy

Work from Home (WFH) IT Security Policy


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