How Imagetext’s digital integration service can boost your business

11 Aug 2017

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As digital technology becomes increasingly integrated into how businesses operate, a multitude of problems become prominent. As more devices and operating systems are added to digitize your practices, these different elements stand together uneasily as a precarious house of cards, with one failure potentially able to knock your whole business out. This can lead to lost sales, expensive repairs and costly down-time. Additionally, these operational conditions require an IT department trained in a broad sweep of different systems and technology, hindering any cohesive tech strategy for your business.

Integrating your IT is the ultimate way of expanding your business’ digital technology potential.

Integrating your IT to function together is the ultimate way of expanding your business and its tech potential. Statistics from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment state that the estimated impact of economic productivity from all New Zealand businesses would increase to $34 billion if the internet and technological processes were utilised more effectively.

Imagetext Integrated Solutions offers numerous options to integrate your business’ digital technology to meet your needs, and our service level agreements will ensure our ongoing tech support and assessment keeps your business boost boosted.

How do I get started?

iCare is Imagetext’s answer to your technology problems. Our expert team has an intrinsic knowledge of how technology fits together, and is effective in analysing your existing systems to see areas of strength or weakness.

This comes in the form of a risk assessment and recommendations report, in which we assess what tools you need for the job and how robust your security and data storage systems are. Any areas for improvement can be tackled immediately to minimise business down-time, and our 30 years of expertise make certain that your business’ technology will be running to full efficiency in no time.

Importance of aftercare

Once you have your newly integrated IT system up and running, it’s important to ensure that it continues to run smoothly and fulfill your business needs. Imagetext’s iCare extends long after the initial report, with our support and servicing package customisable to any needs or budget. Our range includes offsite support, after hours care, priority maintenance services and strategic IT planning for future expansion.

Integrating your business’ technology and IT systems creates cohesion, strategic certainty, and helps your business deliver results more efficiently. Imagetext can integrate Apple and Office suite products, ensuring you get the best of both systems’ abilities. We also offer extensive aftercare and remote support to relieve the burden on your IT department and ensure that your business remains operating to its full potential. To hear more about this boost for your business, contact our team.


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