Put simply, Imagetext

understands our business

they’ve been a reliable partner for 20 years.

You really can’t ask for more than that from one of your key suppliers

Grayson Hagen, IT Manager, Brookfields


Imagetext – aligning IT function to business strategy

Imagetext specialise in providing your business with access to the knowledge and expertise that is fundamental for best practice in IT support, that allows year on year business growth.  Imagetext are the industry experts in integrating Apple & Microsoft technology.

Turning 30 & still going strong!

This year, Imagetext celebrates it’s 30th Birthday and we’re delighted to say that many of our clients that were with us in our early years are still with us today, which is really rather encouraging because information technology can be a tricky business.  It’s corny, but true that in the technology sector the only constant really, is change.  Just when you think you’ve got it right, something or somebody new comes along and changes all the rules – again.

At the risk of seeming contrary, we’d like to think that surviving this long in the IT business isn’t just because we’re good with technology (we are), but because we’re rather good at a few other things too.

Things like understanding your business, how it works and what you want to achieve.  That spending money on technology should deliver a measurable result to your business.  That speaking plain English is much better than jargon.  That delivering on promises is fundamental to building long-term relationships.



iCare® On-site & Remote IT Service & Support

World class Mac & Windows support from your specialist cross platform integration partner.

In the years ahead we can expect that businesses will experience growing complexity in managing multiple technology & security challenges as more devices are allowed on the corporate network.

Business success comes from forming the right partnerships in order to make informed decisions where IT is concerned.  Through our specialist knowledge in the IT, Digital & Mobile arenas, you are assured of progress & growth in your business.

Unparalleled Excellence from our Premium Service Department

When it comes to putting the trust of your beautiful Apple product into the hands of an Apple Authorised Service Provider, you should look no further than Imagetext.  Imagetext has consistently achieved the status of Premium Service Provider, since 2011, when the programme first started in New Zealand.

We strive for unparalleled excellent, every time.  And the performance metrics from Apple, and the loyalty and support from our customers, speak volumes.

Imagetext Service Excellence

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