Put simply, Imagetext

understands our business

they’ve been a reliable partner for 20 years.

You really can’t ask for more than that from one of your key suppliers

Grayson Hagen, IT Manager, Brookfields

Imagetext – aligning IT function to business strategy

Imagetext specialise in providing your business with access to the knowledge and expertise that is fundamental for best practice in IT support, that allows year on year business growth.  Imagetext are the industry experts in integrating Apple & Microsoft technology.

Turning 30 & still going strong!

Yipee!! – it’s our birthday.

This year, Imagetext celebrates it’s 30th Birthday and we’re delighted to say that many of our clients that were with us in our early years are still with us today, which is really rather encouraging because information technology can be a tricky business.  It’s corny, but true that in the technology sector the only constant really, is change.  Just when you think you’ve got it right, something or somebody new comes along and changes all the rules – again.

At the risk of seeming contrary, we’d like to think that surviving this long in the IT business isn’t just because we’re good with technology (we are), but because we’re rather good at a few other things too.

Things like understanding your business, how it works and what you want to achieve.  That spending money on technology should deliver a measurable result to your business.  That speaking plain English is much better than jargon.  That delivering on promises is fundamental to building long-term relationships.



iCare® On-site & Remote IT Service & Support

World class Mac & Windows support from your specialist cross platform integration partner.

In the years ahead we can expect that businesses will experience growing complexity in managing multiple technology & security challenges as more devices are allowed on the corporate network.

Business success comes from forming the right partnerships in order to make informed decisions where IT is concerned.  Through our specialist knowledge in the IT, Digital & Mobile arenas, you are assured of progress & growth in your business.

Unparalleled Excellence from our Premium Service Department

When it comes to putting the trust of your beautiful Apple product into the hands of an Apple Authorised Service Provider, you should look no further than Imagetext.  Imagetext has consistently achieved the status of Premium Service Provider, since 2011, when the programme first started in New Zealand.

We strive for unparalleled excellent, every time.  And the performance metrics from Apple, and the loyalty and support from our customers, speak volumes.

Imagetext Service Excellence

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Some new requirements for the upgrades coming later this year.

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These are the Macs you'll need to run macOS Sierra


The new desktop OS is somewhat more demanding than OS X

Imagetext Integrated Solutions
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Looking for some great Photography tools, look no further than the Nik Collection, these were over $500 now free!


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Imagetext Integrated Solutions


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March 31, 2016 at 3:21 pm

Imagetext Integrated Solutions shared Thomas Hadley - Technology and Growth Consultant's post.

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Thomas Hadley - Technology and Growth Consultant

Audio Visual, Video Conferencing, IT Infrastructure? All need to be co-ordinated and built to work seamlessly together. Below are a few pictures of our latest project using the most exciting technology on the market. If you are looking for something similar or simply need the different aspects consulted on, or most importantly Project Managed - drop us a line.

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A quick warning to our Android users. Be careful what you download.


Warning: Android malware targeting NZ and Aus bank apps


Thieves use stolen credentials to log into the victim’s account remotely and transfer money out.

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This weekend, a notice appeared on Transmissionbt.com warning users that version 2.90 of the popular Mac BitTorrent client downloaded from their site may have been infected with malware.


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First Mac Ransomware Found in Transmission BitTorrent Client


[img] [img] This weekend, a notice appeared on Transmissionbt.com warning users that version 2.90 of the popular Mac BitTorrent client downloaded...

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Consumer is one of the most trusted testers of products in NZ and has recently run a laptop test with interesting results. In honour of the MacBook Pro topping the test we are offering a $50 iTunes card with all purchases of MacBook Pros from Imagetext Integrated Solutions until the end of February - just mention this post to qualify (individual purchases only - while stocks last)

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Not sure if you want a laptop or a tablet? How about a hybrid laptop – a computer that tries to combine the best of both devices. We’ve tested 11 hybrid and 10 standard laptops.

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Apple have today released the Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter Exchange Program. Please take a read of the following support article for more information. If you have an eligible AC Wall Plug Adapter please bring it into us during the hours of Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm and we will replace it for you at no cost. ^PW

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Imagetext Integrated Solutions


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Here is a great interview with Apple Employee #4 - Bill Fernandez, well worth watching for a bit of Apple history.


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Triangulation 235 Bill Fernandez: Apple Employee #4 | TWiT.TV


Leo Laporte and Mike Elgan sit down to speak with Bill Fernandez, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Omnibotics Inc. as well as Apple Employee #4!

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We asked our Application Specialist Brian Gibbs to put the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil through is paces and report back, in the words of the artist "It's amazing, feels like using real media and that is only with the Apple Notes app so far, cant wait to get into some specialised apps and see what it can do" Flick us an email if you want any further info on info@imagetext.co.nz #applepencil #ipadpro #artistatwork #imagetext

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Length: 01:39

  • Awesome service!

    We used Imagetext to support a fleet of Mac's during an integration of an acquired company.

    Ultimately we were working towards removing the Macs and Imagetext were great with helping us through this transition, and assisting us with preparing the Macs for sale afterwards.

    I would definitely recommend Imagetext' services.

  • Excellent, responsive and deliver a great quality of service

    I have been liaising with Imagetext since I arrived at this new company.  I used to work with other Apple suppliers and consultants in the city, and Imagetext is by far the best one.

    The level of expertise and responsiveness is outstanding.  They always operate with a 'can-do' attitude and have helped us to provide a better service to our users.

    I would highly recommend Imagetext to other businesses.

  • Highly Recommended!

    As a business, we were finding we were far too reliant on our past IT provider and didn't think our IT needed to be as complicated or complex as it was.

    After reviewing our options we chose to partner with Imagetext and they managed not only the transition of all our users and hardware from PC to Mac, but also created new solutions for us to make our users experience easier.

    Imagetext provided reliable server and network solutions that would result in less issues and ongoing maintenance requirements.  We haven't looked back!

    Through the whole process they provided a fantastic and seamless transition for all staff members and continue to provide us with efficient and knowledgeable service.

    I would recommend Imagetext to any business.

  • Highly Recommended

    We have dealt with Imagetext for over a decade and have always purchased our hardware and software through them.
    They go above and beyond to find a solution for our needs and most importantly we have peace of mind when dealing with them.

    We highly recommend Imagetext to all.

  • The best of the best!

    When it comes to IT, Imagetext is a one stop solution centre for Ogilvy and Mather NZ.

    Our relationship with Imagetext spans many years and covers all facets of IT, from hardware and software procurement to onsite assistance from their highly experienced engineers. 

    Imagetext always go above and beyond, whether our requirement is big or small and consistently provide exceptionally fast, accurate and super friendly service.

    I would definitely recommend Imagetext to a friend, colleague or business.

  • Superb Service Levels!

    My dealings with this service provider have been superb, any issue we have had, they have gone above and beyond to solve. It has included working with our in-house IT team to also meet there specific guidelines.

    As well as resolving issues they are very good at educating at the same time.

    I would recommend this company to a friend or colleague.

  • Professional, Friendly and Comprehensive

    Imagetext provide a professional, prompt and friendly service.

    Their expertise and advice is portrayed in a clear and comprehensive manner.
    Great customer service and a can-do attitude. Imagetext have been a pleasure to work with.

    I would highly recommend to other customers.

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