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Does your business have the goal of becoming an industry leader? Of course, this is the objective for many leaders, but in today’s modern world, making this a reality isn’t always the easiest task.

At Imagetext Integrated Solutions, we understand the pressures around meeting expectations. With that in mind, we have designed a range of professional services to take your enterprise to the next level. Whether you are a CEO seeking better performance across the board, business stakeholders interested in higher returns or an IT manager who has identified structural shortcomings – we have the service and team to help.

Take a look at our different professional services below to gauge what could support your business outcomes moving forward.

Project Management

It is all well and good to implement new technology solutions within your business – making positive steps towards the future. However, this progress can easily been undermined by scope creep, budget blowouts or missed project deadlines, elevating costs and stress levels.

To ensure that your business is able to implement sound technical solutions, you need strong project management practices that provide clarity from start to finish.

Using PRINCE2 methodology, the team at Imagetext can ensure that timeframes are met, with risks managed. We are also experienced in maintaining and monitoring project budgets – focusing on quality control to meet the agreed objectives. Project management is all about promoting communication – one element we take great pride in supporting at Imagetext

Technology Audit

Technology processes can be flawed. While on the surface, it might appear functional and productive, do you really know how it is performing compared to your budget restraints? This highlights the benefit of a technology audit – aimed at providing a snapshot of the current IT infrastructure and offering positive recommendations of where improvements can be made.

There are two Imagetext IT audit options. The first is a pure audit, whereby the client gains knowledge of their IT structure via a chronological listing.

The second combines this information and data with our knowledge and insight, allowing the team to offer recommendations and opportunities to improve your current systems and networks.

Technology Roadmap

Think of a technology roadmap as a recipe for success. As long as every ingredient is added at the right moment and planned for, there is no reason why the final result can’t be great. In order to align IT to the goals of your business, it is important to implement a clear roadmap that delivers the right technology at the right time – fulfilling stunning results.

With the assistance of Imagetext, you get a strategic plan that maps where technology needs to change in order to deliver against the business strategy. Over 12-36 months, this is a clear overview of the relationship between technology and finances – a living document that can change as business/economic conditions fluctuate and technology develops.

Web Design & Development

Is your website design tired and lacking that punch or engagement with your customer base? Every website needs new life from time to time, and the team at Imagetext can help add that fresh spark. From making your current set-up mobile friendly to implementing more appealing visuals – it’s often the most subtle changes that can have the biggest impact.

A key offering is around new website design. All modern businesses need an innovative and informative website that matches their style, tone and brand objectives. The Imagetext team can work with you every step of this planning and implementation journey.

Imagetext also has vast experience around website development. For example, if your enterprise is growing and requires secure portal logins (members area), payment gateway integration or further backend database integration – we can make the difference for you.

From a cost perspective, consider how we can promote a more cohesive connection between your website and business strategy. Whether this is a better profile, efficiencies or general productivity, modern websites need to be interactive, engaging and – most importantly – aligned to your brand.

Website Performance Review

Of course, 21st century websites need to be found in search engine results as well as appeal visually. An Imagetext website performance review is an audit of your current website, benchmarked against 100 key aspects – identifying structural web design issues and missing items that are affecting your Google positioning.

The website performance review includes consultation on the issues found, where you can either get your existing web developer to fix what’s found, or engage Imagetext to work on resolving the issues for you.

Want to learn more about our professional services?

To take your business to the highest level, it can be helpful to take a step back and gain a comprehensive overview of your operations. Whether this is related to your website performance, project achievement rate or technology implementation, our expert team are here ready to assist.

At Imagetext, we are a solution-focused business – designed to highlight areas for improvement and provide the best way forward. To learn more about each professional service, feel free to reach out today.

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