Network Services

Take a look around your office at the tools used by you and other members of your organisation. Computers, telephones, stacks of paperwork and other stationery – even the desks that you sit at every day. These are the most visible items that allow businesses to function, and without them productivity and efficiency would grind to a halt.

In the digital era, however, some of the most valuable tools we use are not quite as easy to physically identify. For many modern organisations, the network that binds much of our equipment together is the key element in operations, and reliability and security of that network is of paramount concern.

As innovations in technology continue to advance, dependence on wireless networks increases, and what was once adequate in the days of a single computer for each employee may now be under intense pressure. The modern workforce thrives on mobility, with people often having as many as half a dozen devices – smartphones, laptops, tablets and smartwatches, for example – all making demands on outdated network infrastructure.

In our experience auditing the network management of clients, the team at Imagetext Integrated Solutions regularly identifies a number of issues. Problems with speed, shortcomings in network security or data leaks that are difficult to identify are all symptoms of a failing network. In situations such as this, the Cisco Meraki cloud-managed network solution can offer the greater capacity and robust security required for growing businesses.

Network management

The central feature of Meraki is its suite of network-management devices and applications. Through an in-browser dashboard, IT teams can easily observe the status of the network, whether a local area network (LAN) run over a single wireless access point or a wide area network (WAN) spread across multiple locations.

Network analytics functions indicate where demand is highest, allowing resources to be diverted from access points with less traffic. Live troubleshooting goes beyond management of demand, however; ethernet cable testing, event logs and live packet captures can also be performed right from within the Meraki dashboard.

Support for the new generation of devices is also included – Meraki is the only networking solution that provides full mobility management support for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, as well as Microsoft Windows on PC, Apple OS X/macOS and Chrome OS.

Network visibility

Meraki offers deep network visibility that can be easily managed by a single person, no matter the size; in fact, some deployments in the United States stretch across more than 10,000 wireless access points. Layer 7 visibility offers incredibly fine-grained control over traffic and use of bandwidth, able to classify user activities based on application and identify the device being used for access.

Location details add another tier of network analytics, providing real-time statistics on where users are located, and allowing businesses to improve customer engagement and loyalty across sites and access points.

Meanwhile, sophisticated reporting allows IT teams to track trends in application use over time, helping to plan network evolution and scaling so your organisation’s needs are always met.

Network security

An unfortunate side effect of the rise of digital has been a commensurate rise in cybercrime. To counter threats of disruption or unauthorised data access, Meraki features state-of-the-art network security measures to protect your organisation’s sensitive information and ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

To maintain the security of your wireless network, Meraki features six complex protective measures built into one, easy-to-use security appliance – a branch router, next-generation firewall, self-healing site-to-site VPN, content filter, load balancer and WAN accelerator.

While Meraki is a cloud-managed network solution, only configuration information actually passes through the cloud, with all user data remaining on the local network. The LAN stays active in the event the internet connection is lost, allowing organisations to access all shared documents and connected devices.

Network capacity

Alongside security, network capacity is one of the biggest challenges facing modern organisations. Business growth is fantastic, but to keep moving forward your systems have to be expanded – that means increasing the capabilities of your wireless network.

Meraki is designed to support high-density networks, automatically optimising and delivering superior performance in heavy traffic wireless environments and under intense interference conditions. With a proprietary database optimised for speed, scalability, and reliability, Meraki’s  technology is purpose-built for large scale cloud managed networks, providing real-time search and reporting for networks of any size.

Why Imagetext Integrated Solutions?

After over 30 years of offering IT services in Auckland, Imagetext Integrated Solutions has extensive experience in network issue resolution and delivery, with Meraki qualified sales and technical staff. Our solutions are completely scaleable – anything from small business to Enterprise level – so whatever the size of your organisation, we can deliver a suitable Meraki deployment strategy, as well as excellent managed service options.

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