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Thinking Mobile? Think Imagetext

Imagetext Integrated Solutions is New Zealand’s largest multi platform systems integrator.
Our expertise in Mobile Device & Mobile Application Management is a key core-service offered by Imagetext.

The MobileIron Mobile IT platform secures and manages apps, docs, and devices for global organizations. It supports both corporate-liable and individual-liable devices, offering true multi-OS management across the leading mobile OS platforms. MobileIron is available as both an on-premise system through the MobileIron VSP and a cloud service through the MobileIron Connected Cloud.

A New Paradigm for Mobile Device Management
Mobile devices are quickly becoming the primary personal communications and computing platform for business. However, they introduce cost, risk, and usability challenges that traditional mobile device management strategies cannot address. MobileIron’s approach is to simplify the problem for IT, finance, and end-users by moving smartphone data to the enterprise cloud.

The MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform is the first solution to combine data-driven mobile device management with real-time wireless cost control.

Advanced Mobile Device Management Addresses the Unique Challenges of Mobile Enterprises, including iOS and Android™

  • Multiple platform support, including iOS and Android
  • High mobile support costs
  • Mobile security issues
  • Kicking off a mobile apps strategy
  • Large international roaming bills
  • Unsecured employee-owned phones and tablets

Multi OS Support
MobileIron offers the broadest support for mobile operating systems, allowing users the ability to choose the device of their choice, and providing IT the ability to support those devices in a secure and stable environment. MobileIron’s commitment to a multi-OS environment means users get what they want (the ability to work on the device of their choosing, whether it be enterprise or employee-owned), and IT gets what they need (as IT can now securely support this user requirement).

Supported by MobileIron

MobileIron’s Enterprise App Storefront
One of the unique benefits of MobileIron is the integrated ability for managing mobile apps for business users. The built-in Enterprise App Storefront provides both the tightest security and best end-user experience for the distribution and delivery and management of mobile applications company-wide.

MobileIron’s Enterprise Apps Storefront has three primary capabilities that enable complete mobile app management:

Mobility Management Solutions for the Enterprise
A very robust and innovative multi-plarform solution, MobileIron delivers mobility management solutions to the enterprise that solve problems CIOs face as business data moves to the smartphone. The MobileIron Mobile IT Platform is the first suite of solutions to give IT and users real-time intelligence and control over smartphone content, activity, and apps in order to secure the enterprise, reduce wireless cost, and improve the mobile user experience.

Mobile Device Management
The first release of MobileIron in 2009 catalyzed a new generation of mobile device management solutions, which extended to the security and management of apps and docs as well. Every organization is now developing their Mobile IT architecture with mobile device management as a foundation.

Mobile Device Security
MobileIron’s Mobile Device Security Solution provides enterprises with visibility into what’s on a smartphone and how it’s being used, letting both IT and users better secure data and control costs without compromising privacy, even on employee-owned phones.

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)
BYOD holds tremendous promise across multiple dimensions. While many organizations look at BYOD as a possible way to reduce costs, the real value of a well-designed BYOD program is increasing employee satisfaction and productivity, while speeding up the rate of technology adoption in the enterprise.

Enterprise Mobility
True enterprise mobility means supporting multiple devices and operating systems across an organization, while providing IT administrators visibility and control of corporate data. With MobileIron, enterprises gain true multiplatform management of industry-leading operating systems like Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone.


Mobile App Management
One of the unique benefits of MobileIron is the integrated ability for managing mobile apps for business users. The built-in Enterprise App Storefront provides both the tightest security and best end-user experience for the distribution and delivery of mobile applications company-wide. MobileIron’s Enterprise App Storefront has three primary capabilities: Mobile Application Distribution, Mobile App Security, and Application Inventory


Mobile Content Management
Content is the lifeblood of the enterprise. End users demand mobile access to the email attachments and Microsoft SharePoint. These documents must now be secured against data loss.