Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management

One of the unique benefits of working with Imagetext & MobileIron, is the integrated ability for managing mobile apps for business users. The built-in Enterprise App Storefront provides both the tightest security and best end-user experience for Mobile Application Management, from distribution and delivery to the whole lifecycle management of mobile applications company-wide.

MobileIron’s Enterprise Apps Storefront has three primary capabilities that enable complete mobile application management:

Mobile Application Distribution
MobileIron’s Mobile Application Distribution Library delivers a centralised location for business applications. Like the granular policies available throughout the MobileIron solution, it can be easily customised for each supported OS platform in addition to separating out internally developed (private) apps and external (public) apps.

With MobileIron, IT administrators can directly publish private apps to their end-users without putting them in a commercial storefront like the App Store or the Android Market.

This accelerates the App Discovery process so the end-user can then find and download the application from their mobile device. The administrator can also recommend external applications so that the end-user knows exactly which ones are supported and not supported by IT.

Mobile App Security and Access Control
Businesses want the ability to securely manage which mobile applications are installed on their devices. Using MobileIron App Security and Access Control, administrators quickly select which applications are required, allowed, or disallowed and then associate these apps with rules that specify the consequences of being out of policy.

These consequences include blocking further email to the device or sending SMS and email notifications to the user and IT administrator informing them of policy violations.

Mobile Application Inventory
Comprehensive management of enterprise applications from a single IT view is essential with the proliferation of applications on mobile devices. MobileIron’s Mobile Application Inventory presents a snapshot of the applications installed across all of your company’s managed devices.

MobileIron administrators use mobile application inventory to track new applications coming into the enterprise, determine the popularity of applications, and identify possible rogue applications. In addition, administrators can monitor user adoption of mobile enterprise applications they have built and published.

Privacy policy settings determine whether Application Inventory information is reported.