Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Improving productivity through Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Access any resource, from any device, in any location.

Defining Your Mobile Strategy

What are you looking to achieve by enabling productivity through a mobile workforce?

  • Drive business growth through smart use of technology
  • Optimise my business processes
  • Improve collaboration across my workforce

By aligning your mobile needs with your business strategy and taking into consideration user roles and responsibilities, Imagetext can help you define the right mobile strategy for your business.

To take advantage of our 8 years of expertise in this field call us now on 09 623 3102, or use the Mobility Solutions contact form, to get in touch.

Mobile Security Considerations

Is a mobile workforce considered a risk to your business?

  • Protect access to unauthorised data on your network
  • Enable network visibility for all mobile devices
  • Manage BYOD risk

With any Mobile strategy, security is a key component.  By working closely with you to understand your security concerns, Imagetext can help you build risk mitigation into your strategy and deliver a solid, secure mobile platform.

Call our team of experts on 09 623 3102 to discuss mobile security, or use the Mobility Solutions contact form, to get in touch.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

Is your business struggling with the concept of managing all of those mobile devices, applications and content?

  • Learn how you can remove the burden from the IT team
  • Enable zero-touch deployment across your organisation
  • Deliver an easy to manage, secure environment for all involved

Allowing a user to be actively involved in the deployment and use of their allocated (or owned) device, empowers them.  And there’s no better way to improve usability, functionality and staff morale than engaging them in the process.

Sound scary? Not really.  Call our team on 09 623 3102 or use the Mobility Solutions contact form, to get in touch.

Easy to Manage Secure network with Great reporting tools for network traffic visibility
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