How to set up Apple Business Manager

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Signing Up for Apple Business Manager

Enrolment is simple and takes only a few minutes, so you can get started with Apple Business Manager quickly.

Go to and click “Enrol now“.

To get started, complete the online enrolment process and provide information about your organisation, including name, phone number, and a valid D-U-N-S number for your company.

D-U-N-S numbers are assigned to qualified businesses by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), and are maintained in the D&B database. Visit to look up an existing D-U-N-S number or to obtain a new one. Apple will cross-check program enrolees with the D&B database. If any information you provide doesn’t match the information on file with D&B, you’ll be notified so you can check and correct it. If you feel the information you provided is accurate, please contact D&B to ensure its database records are up to date.

You’ll need to provide an email address that’s associated with your business. Consumer email addresses from services such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail won’t be accepted. The account associated with this email address will become the initial Administrator for Apple Business Manager and can’t be associated with
an existing Apple ID or any other Apple services.

Provide a verification contact who can confirm the initial site administrator and verify that they have the authority to bind your organisation to the Apple Business Manager terms and conditions. This administrator will also be responsible for accepting the terms and conditions and for setting up additional administrators to manage the service on behalf of your company. Note, this must be the name of a real person. First and last names such as “IT Coordinator” or “Apple Deployment” will be returned to you to correct the information.

Apple will review the information you submit on your program enrolment form. During the review process, you and your verification contact may be asked for additional information by phone or email before your enrolment is approved.

When your business is approved, the verification contact will receive an email requesting that they confirm the initial administrator or delegate administration. After confirmation, the administrator will be asked to create the initial administrator Managed Apple ID and agree to the Apple Business Manager agreement and any additional terms and conditions.

Configuring Apple Business Manager

Once your organisation has enrolled in Apple Business Manager, you can add additional accounts, enter purchase information, and assign roles to begin managing devices and content.

An important step is to add Imagetext as a DEP Reseller to your portal. This allows us to automatically assign devices to your business. Additionally if you use a Mobile Device Manager your newly purchased devices can be ready out of the box with no setup required! Applications and settings can be pushed down to devices as you sign in straight from the cloud. Contact your account manager to discuss setting up MDM for your business.

Enter purchase information

To use device enrolment, you’ll need to review and update the information regarding how you purchase devices.

Select Device Purchase under Settings, then add your Apple Customer Number or DEP Reseller ID. The Imagetext reseller ID is: 9276DA0

  • DEP Customer ID. Once enrolled in the program, you’ll be assigned a DEP Customer ID, found in Apple Business Manager in the Settings section. If you purchase Apple devices from a participating Apple Authorised Reseller such as Imagetext, you’ll need to provide us with this number to enrol your device purchases into Apple Business Manager.
  • DEP Reseller ID. If you purchase hardware or software directly from a participating Apple Authorised Reseller such as Imagetext, you’ll need our reseller ID: 9276DA0. If you purchase from multiple resellers, enter the DEP Reseller ID of each. Providing the DEP Reseller ID alone is insufficient to enrol your devices in Apple Business Manager, this ID works in conjunction with your DEP Customer ID.
  • Apps and Books. To enable app and book purchases, go to Apps and Books under Settings. Follow the steps to agree to the Apps and Books terms and to update billing information. You can also review purchase history and transfer purchases from one location to another in Apps and Books settings. This is useful for deploying App Store apps to multiple devices automatically across the business without the need to sign manually sign in to an Apple ID.

Manage devices

Apple Business Manager integrates all the existing features from the Device Enrolment Program (DEP). Talk to Imagetext about a Mobile Device Manager for your Apple products. There are a number of powerful tools available and Imagetext can provide a demonstration of these tools at request.