Customer Service is Dead, long live your Experience!


Customer Service is Dead, long live your Experience!

What Imagetext have learnt is that to be an effective supplier and solutions led IT company you need to ride the roller coaster of business with your client. Not just provide a service or supply advice when needed but become a PARTNER, supply a customer experience.

We have all heard the term ‘Customer Experience’ also known as CX, in fact many businesses now have a Customer Experience Team/Unit/Agile Dev Unit (delete as appropriate) or the like.

Businesses that offer a service often only enter in by invitation only once a decision has been made. At this point its very hard for some to go against the grain with the decision already in place for fear of derailing the hard work already put in on the project.

Partners that deliver an experience enter the start of the process with you, right from conception and share the same goals and aims.

With Imagetext Road Mapping Service and Procurement Plus offerings we are able to work alongside you and experience the highs and lows of the challenges you face, together.

However, to do this we have to form partnerships of our own. One of our most trusted relationships is with the worlds largest IT distributor, Ingram Micro.


David Mickleborough, Account Manager at Ingram Micro notes;

‘’Working with image text for the last 15 years has been a pleasure due to their honesty and integrity. Over the years, we have faced many challenges in a changing market,  which we have faced together and formed a formidable team that has supplied and consulted the New Zealand IT industry with a top class and exemplary service’’

David went on to say;

‘’We trust Imagetext to deliver our service offerings to the New Zealand business community and We look forward to continuing that relationship and taking on the challenges of the next great IT change.’’

With Imagetexts 30+ years of Industry knowledge we have learnt from other providers as they have come and gone and realised that only by going on a journey with our clients can we fully understand their goals and be close enough to react to their plans should they change mid stream. Facing new challenges in the global marketplace as well as at home will mean that Kiwi business will have to be flexible with their solutions, as David Mickleborough identifies’

‘Looking forward, we have full confidence that Imagetext can help drive New Zealand businesses forward through the intelligent application of technology and allow their clients fast, actionable IT solutions to assist with driving business and maintaining client relationships. When I personally started working with Imagetext it was a challenging marketplace. The country was in the midst of a financial crisis and many businesses were looking for clever and innovative solutions to help mitigate the problems faced by lack of cash flow. Ingram Micro and Imagetext worked closely to make sure those offerings were accessible and affordable. To this day, the relationship between Ingram Micro and Imagetext goes from strength to strength’

In our opinion a true Business Partnership means delivering an outstanding experience every time and for every decision. If you would like to talk with Imagetext about forming a partnership to help grow your business please get in touch