iOS 10 – key benefits for businesses

What does iOS 10 have available for your business?

iOS 10 – key benefits for businesses

It's safe to say that the last few months have been exciting for New Zealand businesses that use Apple devices. In early September, the technology giant released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as well as the new Apple Watch. Of course, with most iPhone announcements, a new mobile operating system was born at the same time, with iOS 10 now ready for download.

iOS 10 translates across multiple platforms including different versions of iPhone, iPod and iPad – enhancing the usability and performance of countless devices around business. Interestingly, the operating system is the most comprehensive of all updates, and signifies Apple's commitment to a more user-friendly future.

So, if your devices are currently using iOS 9 or earlier, what are the key elements of iOS 10 that you need to know about?

Improved privacy and security

Cybersecurity and privacy continue to be hot topics for business leaders, and iOS 10 certainly aims to provide another layer of protection for secure data. As well as messages in iMessage and FaceTime becoming encrypted, applications such as Calendar, Contacts, Reminders and Photos will all ask for your permission before accessing location or personal details.

iOS 10 has been described as the most advanced of any mobile operating system ever developed – aimed at combating the ever-increasing threat from hackers. Of course, businesses need more protection within internal systems to prevent cybersecurity issues. 

Virtual magnifying glass

New iPhones offer great cameras and displays, but there always times when you need to zoom in that little bit closer. As such, iOS 10 users can take advantage of a new accessibility feature called Magnifier which allows you to zoom in on either text or objects at a distance. It is important to note that this new feature is lot more powerful than the normal built-in Camera app – perfect for seeing those small details in high definition!

Delete default apps

Default applications such as Stocks, Mail, Compass and Calculator are all staples of the iPhone generation. However, when space is at a premium, it is these types of applications that we want to delete – something not possible in the past. Users can now remove these apps and fill up their phone with more important ones such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office apps.

Wayfinding function

Use iOS 10 to share your location with others.Use iOS 10 to share your location with others.

Whether you travel domestically or internationally, it's common to experience that "where am I?" moment. Of course, if you are late for a business meeting or conference, you want to be able to know exactly where you are supposed to be and how you can get to the destination as quickly as possible.

As part of the wider improvements to messaging, iOS 10 offers the opportunity to drop your current location into texts and iMessage. As a result, your recipient will immediately know where you are and can help you find your way. Just remember to have your Location Services on!

Improved graphics 

With the advent of iPhone and other devices, business leaders can do all manner of applications with their smartphone or tablet. This could include viewing PowerPoint presentations, videoconferencing with a client or even creating a spreadsheet. What all three have in common is a need for powerful graphics – something the new iOS 10 delivers in spades.

Nicknamed "Metal" by Apple, the graphics capabilities have improved significantly, and combined with the new Retina HD display on the iPhone 7, the graphics are clearer than ever.

If your business would like more information about Apple and Mac implementation and how it could benefit your enterprise, feel free to reach out to the team at Imagetext today.