What’s new in macOS Sierra?

Finding files on your computer is about to get easier on macOS.

What’s new in macOS Sierra?

OS X is dead; long live macOS. That's right, after 15 years, Apple has opted to rename its beloved operating system, a long-predicted move to bring its range of Macs into alignment with iOS, watchOS and tvOS.

Rather than representing a significant leap forward in the software itself, however, the upcoming release of macOS Sierra is more of a refinement, much like we've seen from the last couple of updates to OS X. That said, there are some new features coming this year, many of which have been developed to increase Mac integration with other Apple devices.

iOS and macOS are about to get a lot more compatible.iOS and macOS are about to get a lot more compatible.

"Hey Siri…" 

Despite being a version of the oldest major platform in Apple's current suite of products, macOS is finally welcoming the addition of virtual assistant Siri. Already used by millions on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even Apple TV, Siri's presence on the Mac has been a long time coming.

While many of the features Apple device users may already enjoy are making the transition – setting reminders and checking the weather, for example – in her Mac iteration Siri has some useful, macOS-specific search functionality built-in. It can search for documents you've used in the last week, or any files with particular words in the title – whatever you're having trouble locating, Siri is there to help.

macOS is finally welcoming the addition of virtual assistant Siri.

Blurring the lines between Mac and iOS

Other new features in macOS Sierra are designed to make the continuity of experience as seamless as possible when using both a Mac and an iPhone or iPad. The ability to interact with the same files across multiple devices has been made much easier, with the desktop and documents folder on your Mac now automatically synced with your iCloud Drive. No matter where you are, as long as you have one device and an internet connection, your most regularly accessed files are right at your fingertips.

That synchronicity goes to an even more granular level thanks to the new universal clipboard function. The ability to copy images, video and text on your phone and instantly paste them to your Mac (or vice versa) may be a huge time-saver for some, taking several steps out of what has previously been a clunky process.

As the walls between macOS and iOS are increasingly broken down, you may find iPhone users in your office favouring Macs over the more common Windows PCs. Luckily, working with both systems is possible, as long as your IT integration is set up to accommodate. 

macOS Sierra is expected to be available in Spring 2016.