What to look for in an Apple service provider

What happens when your Apple products need servicing?

What to look for in an Apple service provider

What makes a good Apple service provider truly excellent?

Before you drop your Mac or iPad off at just any repair store, why not take a moment to asses what makes a good service provider, and why you should look to Imagetext Integrated Solutions next time your Apple product needs servicing.

Where do you go for Apple service and repair?Where do you go for Apple service and repair?

1. Speed of service

We all carry our own horror stories of tech failing us at critical times. Accidents happen, breakages occur – even the almighty Google has had its dark days. Back in 2013, a five minute outage cost the company upwards of $500,000 USD, suggests an article published the same year in the Financial Times. No matter how big or small the business, when tech goes down, so does revenue, productivity, customer experience, employee morale and more, says Forrester.

If lightning were to strike out of the blue, speed is of the essence in lessening the impact it has on you and your business. This is why Imagetext Integrated Solutions attacks this issue on two fronts: Firstly, in the unfortunate incident of your Mac or Apple product going down, we work hard to fix and repair your tech as quickly as possible – usually within three business days. Secondly, we offer a rental at a special rate to our service clients. If our clients are running mobility solutions, such as Office 365, having a replacement unit to tide them over while existing hardware is being repaired means that clients can continue working uninterrupted.

A replacement unit to tide over while existing hardware is being prepared means that clients can continue working uninterrupted.

2. Quality of repair

Almost two thirds of adult New Zealanders own more than three smart devices, says Research New Zealand, so being a 'one product only' kind of shop isn't going to cut it when it comes to IT service and repair.

As Auckland's leading Apple Premium Service Provider, we're on top of any any all changes to Apple's diverse range of products. Alongside being an Apple premium service provider, we are also a Microsoft silver partner

3. Experience

Service repair providers need to have enough experience to know that's required today, won't necessarily be the knowledge needed to service tomorrow. Imagetext has been in the IT industry for over 30 years, and we've seen our fair share of digital change. It's this pursuit of knowledge that has kept us as industry leaders of IT solutions.

4. Service clients big and small

While it's great that service providers find their niche, we prefer to help customers no matter how big (or small) they are. Whether you're a CIO looking to upgrade your company's operating system, or someone just looking to drop in their tech for maintenance, Imagetext provides the same level of quality to make sure your Apple products receive the highest level of service.

To find out more, get in touch with the team at Imagetext Integrated Solutions today.