What goes into becoming an Apple Premium Service Provider?

What makes an Apple Premium Service Provider?

What goes into becoming an Apple Premium Service Provider?

When it comes to fixing and repairing Macs, iPads or other Apple products, knowing that your devices are in the best hands is crucial for both peace of mind and ensuring they receive the best service possible.

At the top of the Apple products service and repair tower are premium service providers, such as Auckland-based Imagetext Integrated Solutions. However, not just any IT company can gain Apple's approval. What goes into become a service provider, and why should you seek out Imagetext Integrated Solutions next time your Apple products need servicing?

What types of service providers are there?

The Apple Service Provider programme is designed as a way for companies to offer the same high level of service Apple provides to their own customers and clients. According to Apple, there are two types of service providers:

  • Authorised Service Providers – companies and organisations that are able to service all Apple products.
  • Premium Service Providers – A Premium Service Provider is an authorised service provider who has been recognised by Apple for providing exceptional service.

Imagetext Integrated Solutions is a fully authorised service provider, able to service products from Macs to iPods. 

What's required to be an Apple Premium Service Provider?

  • Certified technicians. At the heart of providing excellent services is having qualified, expert technicians, requiring both a software and a hardware exam through Apple training.
  • Customer satisfaction. We're proven to have a high level of customer satisfaction and have maintain this over a 12 month period.
  • First time fix. A first time fix is important to Imagetext and to our customers. We have great systems and checks in place which help us not only identify the issues reported by a customer, but whatever additional issues there may be present at the time, to ensure we can repair everything in one visit – no second visit needed.

What are the benefits of working with an Apple Premium Service Provider?

For over 30 years Imagetext has been providing Auckland businesses with an unparalleled level of IT service and repair.

The main benefit of certified service providers and dealers is that thanks to their high level of product knowledge and expertise, they're able to match and often beat the level of service Apple themselves provide, according to Macworld media. For businesses and individuals in Auckland, this previous article highlights the key reasons Imagetext Integrated Solutions can offer an unparalleled level of service and quality in diagnosis, service and turnaround time.

For over 30 years Imagetext Integrated Solutions has provided Auckland businesses and individuals with an unparalleled level of IT service. As a leading Apple Service Provider, we're able to quickly and accurately identify issues with your Macs and other Apple products. Importantly, when time is of the essence, our team is able to provide users with a temporary replacement to ensure there is minimum downtime.

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