To replace or not to replace: Rejuvenating your ageing IT

Let our service team bring your ageing Mac back to life.

To replace or not to replace: Rejuvenating your ageing IT

There's little argument that the pace of digital innovation – while introducing innumerable benefits – has resulted in a culture much more willing to dispose of used equipment than ever before. Especially for electronics and IT, declining prices for more sophisticated equipment often make the decision to replace rather than repair an easy one.

That said, the consequences of our disposable lifestyles are not going unnoticed. According to research from the Stop the e-Waste Problem (StEP) initiative, New Zealand generated 86 kilotonnes of e-waste in 2014 alone, over 19 kilograms for each resident.

Don't give up on your old devices just yet.Don't give up on your old devices just yet.

Whether it's a desire to reduce your organisations waste or simply a cost-saving measure, rejuvenating your ageing IT equipment is often a better option than simply replacing it. Let's look at some of the reasons why revitalising old equipment can be smarter than buying new.

Saving money

It's true that the price of IT equipment has fallen over the past few decades, but with computers and smart devices now being used in almost all aspects of operations, spending overall remains high. According to Computer World, Gartner estimates that New Zealand businesses spent over $1.6 billion on new devices in 2016, a huge level of investment.

The desire to regularly upgrade to the most cutting-edge equipment may be strong, however the pattern of incremental updates rather than truly revolutionary innovation means your existing equipment may already be capable of many of the tasks you require. Rather than spending potentially thousands of dollars on refreshing your fleet of computers, taking them to a trusted IT service company for maintenance – or component upgrades – can bring back the performance of a new device at a fraction of the cost.

Rejuvenating your ageing IT equipment is often a better option than replacing it.

If your situation is dire enough that a new device is required, or you simply must have a particular new feature, there are still opportunities to save money. Rather than buying a new PC or Mac, consider renting – the initial financial hit is removed, and you can trade up your rental device when it suits to stay with the times. 

The device you know

Almost everyone has their own gadgets nowadays, and while Apple's range of devices may look and feel identical, one of the joys of owning an iPhone or MacBook is personalising it to meet your own unique tastes and needs. Installing all the apps you use for work and play, customising with cases and decals and configuring the settings can take some time, but once it's set up the device feels truly yours.

Moving to a new phone or computer can carry a certain degree of angst, particularly if it has been a number of years since you made the transition. Understanding how to get the most out of IT equipment doesn't come naturally to everyone, so rather than giving up your beloved old tech, a comprehensive service and upgrade where possible allows you to extend its lifespan and keep the performance you need.

Is buying a new computer the right choice?Is buying a new computer the right choice?

Continued support for peripherals

Device designers and manufacturers love to adopt the newest standards and solutions as quickly as possible – sometimes faster than their customers would like! If the latest update to your favoured computer or smartphone has removed a particular input option you rely on, for example, you may need to upgrade not just the core device, but all of the associated peripherals you regularly use.

New standards such as USB-C and bluetooth have their advantages and will only become more commonplace, but if you're unwilling or unable to give up on traditional USB, HDMI and 3.5mm audio peripherals, perhaps a professional service is a better option than getting a new device. 

As one of New Zealand's few Apple Premium Service Providers, Imagetext Integrated Solutions have the expertise to breathe life into your ageing Apple devices. Get in touch today, and see if an upgrade to your existing tech can give it a new lease on life.