Tackling network security concerns in 2017

Protecting your network is essential in 2017.

Tackling network security concerns in 2017

The new year is well underway, and businesses across New Zealand are likely ramping up to a hopefully productive and profitable 12 months. When mapping out a strategy for the next 12 months, considering risk is essential – after all, having your plans undone by avoidable incidents can be extremely frustrating.

Given the intensely connected business environment we now operate in, protecting the integrity of your networks must be a priority. Radio NZ reported in April 2016 that cyberattacks were occurring around 108 times a day, an annual increase of 163 per cent according to Symantec's Mark Shaw. Is your organisation ready for this troubling growth?

Is your network security capable of handling modern threats?Is your network security capable of handling modern threats?

Preparing yourself for security challenges

Despite the attention that cybercrime has been receiving in recent years, the message of implementing measures to combat threats may not be getting through. In PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) 2016 Annual New Zealand CEO Survey, 77 per cent of respondents considered cybercrime a moderate to extreme threat. Running counter to this, however, PwC's Global Economic Crime Survey 2016 found that over half of NZ organisations have no operational cybercrime incident response plan.

The network is the backbone of connectivity in your office, and as such it must be protected with robust IT solutions. Connectivity is increasing all the time – Gartner predicts that one million new devices will come online every hour by 2020 – so the channels that cybercriminals can use to infiltrate your network are also growing.

Over half of all NZ organisations have no operational cybercrime incident response plan.

"Intelligent systems often rely on the internet for connectivity or use cloud-based resources," Colin McCabe, director of consulting at Red Hat, told IT Brief.

"Intelligent systems need cohesive authentication, authorisation and auditing capabilities to establish trust, govern access to resources, and ensure compliance with government regulations and corporate policies."

Ensuring network security with Cisco Meraki

The sophistication of cyberattacks evolves almost in parallel with the systems used to prevent them, so organisations require state-of-the-art IT solutions to defend their network. Cisco Meraki features six complex protective measures built into one system, robust enough to counter all modern threats to your network security.

Imagetext Integrated Solutions are proud to be trusted providers of Meraki in New Zealand, with a team of qualified sales and technical staff able to deliver a scaleable system for businesses of all sizes. Get in touch with us today, and ensure your organisation is protected this year and beyond.