Reach out and touch a new MacBook Pro

The speed of Apple's new devices is a strong argument for renting a Mac.

Reach out and touch a new MacBook Pro

For the first time in four years, Apple has introduced a significantly revamped line of MacBook Pros, adding a suite of new features to the beloved, but arguably neglected powerhouses. As is often the case with its product evolution, the Cupertino giant is propelling the MacBook into the future, delivering the premium devices that consumers and businesses have come to expect.

Let's take a look at what's new in the MacBook world, and why your organisation may want to take notice for its next round of IT planning.

Apple is revolutionising the keyboard with the latest MacBook Pro.Apple is revolutionising the keyboard with the latest MacBook Pro.

Introducing the Touch Bar

While aesthetically the 2016 MacBooks are similar to their predecessors, the two most noticeable changes are all about putting more at your fingertips – a trackpad that has doubled in size and the intuitive new Touch Bar. The latter is undoubtedly the bigger talking point, and the new feature Apple have been the most vocal about.

Replacing the traditional function keys at the top of the keyboard, the OLED Touch Bar is designed to optimise your efficiency by offering relevant buttons based on the application you are using. Film editing professionals can view and navigate their entire Final Cut Pro timeline in the Touch Bar, for example, while the creation of presentations in Keynote is aided with easy adjustment of text colour and size, and the ability to move through thumbnails.

The Touch Bar is the biggest talking point of the new MacBook Pro.

All of the usual system controls and function keys are still easily accessed, but Apple has evolved the keyboard into a much more customisable and adaptable part of the MacBook.

The icing on the cake is the inclusion of Touch ID built into the new bar. A popular feature of iOS devices since the debut of the iPhone 5S, Touch ID on the MacBook is a welcome addition for security-conscious businesses and individuals.

"This could be a huge boon for authentication," Thomas Reed, director of Mac offerings at Malwarebytes, commented to Wired. "It's stronger than a password, but easy for even a novice to use."

Peak performance for power users

As is expected with the launch of a new device, Apple has bumped up the specs of the new MacBook Pro to tackle any task businesses might have. With new high-performance processors and large capacity flash storage that's faster than ever before, your organisation can handle more challenging tasks without sacrificing speed.

That pace is supported by the inclusion of four high-speed Thunderbolt USB-C, which Apple notes are capable of transferring data eight times faster than USB 3. Much has been made of the removal of HDMI and SD card support in the new MacBook range, but clearly Apple believes that the speed offered by their new universal standard is well worth the trade.

If your organisation demands the best portable computing solution available, there's no substitute for the MacBook Pro. Speak to Imagetext Integrated Solutions today for more details about Mac integration in your workplace.