Do you need to own your IT solutions?

The sharing economy is here to save your IT budget.

Do you need to own your IT solutions?

For those who don't think that outsourcing, renting and paid subscription is the way to go, you might want to check your sources. If you've ever caught an Uber on a Friday evening you've already seen the benefits of the sharing economy, a system that allows for underutilised assets to be deployed in some lucrative new ways.

Reducing waste is a key element of optimising business budgets, and many organisations may find themselves with thousands of dollars invested in arguably unnecessary equipment and services. Could learning about the benefits of the sharing economy help New Zealand businesses with IT planning?

Participating in the sharing economy can save your IT budget thousands.Participating in the sharing economy can save your IT budget thousands.

What is the sharing economy?

Entrepreneur offers a succinct explanation of the sharing economy, separating it into three distinct aspects:

  • Recirculation of goods: Selling or trading items, often through online portals such as NZ's TradeMe.
  • Utilisation of underused assets: Repurposing neglected items as an income stream; Uber, for example.
  • Exchange of services: Sharing productive assets, whether through rental of equipment or brief employment agreements.

Access can come in a number of forms, but all are rooted in the ability to realise more choice while mitigating the costs associated with ownership. For businesses with tight budgets associated with IT solutions, the sharing economy can offer more affordable ways to access the equipment they need.

Reducing wastage is a key element of optimising business budgets.

Taking a leaf out of the sharing economy notebook

While it may not have been defined as such, chances are the majority of NZ businesses are already participating in the sharing economy in some fashion. As a service IT solutions (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS for example) are all part of that system, prioritising access over ownership. 

As the IT space has become increasingly diversified and fractured, ownership of assets has become more challenging. The time, effort and expenditure necessary to effectively utilise equipment and services is significant, and should there be issues with any of those assets it's often left to you to address them.

That's where the sharing economy comes in. Consider the idea of IT as a service – for a business with particular technology needs, Apple Mac rental rather than outright purchase can reduce capital expenditure, spreading the cost of IT solutions without compromising on the latest innovations and features.

Whether you need advice on IT solutions as a service or you're interested in computer rentals including Mac and iPad, speak to the team at Imagetext. The sharing economy is here to stay, so why not capitalise on it today and experience the convenience and cost benefits?