4 millennial trends you can apply in business today

How are millennials changing business for the better?

4 millennial trends you can apply in business today

Millennials are quickly becoming the dominant generation in the workforce. They bring their own set of rules and habits which are shaking up many areas of business, most of which, for the better.

There are many positive changes millennials are bringing to the business environment, and forward-thinking companies should be studying them closely to identify which beneficial habits they can apply in their own organisation. 

Thankfully, at Imagetext, we've done much of the job for you. Below are just some of the trends taking place, and a few tips on how businesses can apply them to boost the performance and productivity of their IT team.

Nearly 20 per cent of millennials value the opportunity to collaborate with their colleagues and superiors.

1. Collaboration over competition

Gone are the days of one-upping your colleague in the hopes of scoring that promotion. Collaboration is the name of the game, and it's something many millennials understand well, according to PwC. Nearly 20 per cent of millennials value the opportunity to collaborate with their colleagues and superiors as something they prioritise from their employer.

Leveraging technology to help create a collaborative environment puts employees on a platform that lets them do so in a simple, straightforward manner. It's an essential tool for businesses to have at their disposal for making the most of their employees.

2. Embrace change

Millennials have grown up in an age of unprecedented digital disruption. Not only do they accept change as part of their lives – they expect it too, says Forbes – and anticipate working solutions in order to make the most of this disruption. It's a strategy that lets millennials stay light on their toes, and it's something any good IT department should try to mimic.

Having the freedom to operate over multiple devices, or integrate between Windows and Mac gives companies the necessary tools to embrace change in a disruptive environment. With Imagetext's iCare custom solutions, businesses have the confidence to move forward knowing they're ready for when the next wave of digital transformation hits.

What millennial trends can we apply in business today?What millennial trends can we apply in business today?

3. Work-life balance over everything

Millennials want a good work-life balance – not because they desire more time off – but because this generation recognises that a successful career is one of continued learning and development.  A good work-life balance gives them opportunities to pursue this. When looking to a new employer, this requirement comes first and foremost on millennial's lists, says PwC – ahead of even financial reward.

Facilitating a flexible work environment while maintaining high levels of productivity is easy with the right technological solution. With Imagetext's IT solutions, cloud computing platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 lets workers work remotely without a hitch, integrating seamlessly over Windows and Mac so that teams can function on the same platform without compromise.

Millennials are turning to a new group of products and services that provide access without the financial burden of 'ownership'.

4. Access, not ownership

Lastly, millennials have recognised that ownership is not necessarily the best move. We're living in a 'renter generation', according to Goldman Sachs where the majority of older millennials are opting to rent, rather than buy things like houses, cars or luxury items. Millennials are turning to a new group of products and services that provide access to services, without the financial burden of 'ownership', in other words, a 'sharing economy'.

Similarly for small businesses, having a well-developed IT system is a necessary thing to have, but can place strain on financial and human resources. Managing IT takes up a tremendous amount of time and effort, especially for small IT teams, preventing them from focusing on more important tasks: Growing your business.

With Imagetexts iCare IT solutions, you can remove the burden and let your IT team get back to doing what it does best, giving your department access to all the services they need, without the requirement of end-user maintenance tasks.

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