Is your business in need of a technology audit?

06 Sep 2017

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If there’s one constant in the IT space, it’s that technology never remains constant. Businesses looking to stay relevant need to regularly engage in IT planning, keeping abreast of the latest software and devices that can improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

It seems the issue isn’t going unnoticed by New Zealand businesses – Gartner estimates IT spending is forecast to reach $11.5 billion in 2017, a 2.4 per cent increase over the previous year. A large portion of that spending will be earmarked for new IT devices with features and workflow tools more suited to the modern, agile workplace. 

Take a look around your own office. Is some of your tech looking a little worse for wear? Are you fielding numerous IT requests and complaints from employees? Perhaps it’s time for a technology audit.

Tapping into unified communications

While technological limitations once meant that most workers were tethered to their desks, the explosion of digital devices and cloud computing has opened a whole new world of flexible working arrangements. Communications in particular has been disrupted, with email and instant messaging, video conferencing and social media eroding the importance of the trusty office phone.

With such an array of communications channels available, solutions to bring all of those options under one umbrella are understandably in hot demand. Unified communications (UC) solutions – leveraging the multi-purpose nature of smartphones, tablets and computers – have made many pieces of equipment all but obsolete.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) expects UC to achieve near-total penetration amongst businesses by 2020, as smartphones, cloud services and VoIP continue to grow. With devices to support the transition, you and your workforce can effectively replicate the office experience from anywhere, introducing unprecedented convenience and potential savings on office costs.

Cloud computing is a fundamental cornerstone of IT architecture.

Looking to the cloud

Cloud computing has come a long way in the past decade, evolving into a fundamental cornerstone of many organisations’ IT architecture. We’ve noted before the speed at which New Zealand businesses are transitioning to the technology, with PwC noting an average of 670 cloud services in use at companies on both sides of the Tasman.

Moving more of your operations and IT services to the cloud is made easier with equipment that was designed with a cloud-first mentality. Whether that’s mobile devices or desktop hardware, having a modern IT environment allows businesses to leverage the cloud in a much more effective way, accessing more of the cost-saving and efficiency benefits the technology is known for.

Optimising your IT budget is the first step towards accessing the latest innovations. Imagetext Integrated Solutions can carefully audit your organisation’s needs, and deliver IT solutions suitable for now and the future. 


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