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07 Sep 2017

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Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.74 trillion in 2019, an increase of 0.6% from 2018, according to researchers Gartner Technology. This enormous investment in IT infrastructure is testimony to the central role it plays in all facets of business nowadays, and shows the importance of understanding how new and advanced digital technology can work for you to improve operations.

But for many businesses, striving to work with the best technology often means crossing platforms and devices, especially between Apple and Windows systems. While the two digital platforms boast their own innovative features and advantages, getting the best of both can prove a challenge when you try to integrate them into your business.

Luckily, Imagetext Integrated Solutions offers world-class support and integration services for both Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows operating environments.

Working with the best technology often means crossing platforms and devices, especially between Apple and Windows systems.

Imagetext’s iCare™
Imagetext’s iCare™ is a service level agreement designed to manage your business’ full range of technologies while providing ongoing support, tailored to your budget and specifications. After selecting the services you require, we deliver them in a modular framework, with ongoing consultation on how the service works for your business and regular reports on progress and changes. These services can be onsite or remote, and we also offer after-hours support, to ensure your business doesn’t suffer from costly downtime.

Getting the best from Mac and PC

The two great rivals of computer systems, the debate over which is superior has been waged by IT experts for years. Traditionally, businesses have had to choose one or the other. However, both have individual strengths and can help improve your business.

Our extensive experience has provided us with a wealth of knowledge on system and device integration, meaning Mac and PC can run in your business operations side-by-side. Our unrivaled support and maintenance service will also ensure any technology updates you make will be integrated smoothly by our expert team.

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With a range of certified service providers, including Apple Premium Service, and partnered with Microsoft Silver Partner, Imagetext offer more than 30 years of IT experience, enabling the business to harness the power of the best technology out there and improve their business operations. For more information on our processor and device integration services, or support and maintenance solutions, contact our team today.


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