How to remove the burden from your IT department

06 Sep 2017

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The IT department is one of many hats. From keeping data safe and secure to dealing with network outages to presenting a topic on cloud computing, there are few teams as diverse as IT.

Yet, sometimes, the weight of these many hats can begin to slow this agile department down. For small to medium businesses, the solution to an overburdened IT department is to invest in new technologies and infrastructure and bring in new members. However, rather than increasing capacity, finding the right IT support to carry some of this weight can help a small team do more with less.

An IT team has many roles to fill.

What are some of the requirements of an IT department?

There are many roles an IT department must fulfil, and not every department shares the same responsibilities. However, there are a few roles each department shares that Entrepreneur Media have highlighted:

  • Maintain the storage and integrity of data. Data is one of the most important assets to a company, and IT teams need to be able to manage and maintain data in a secure and effective manner.
  • Ensure the security of IT. Malicious software, spyware, and compromised information are but some of the security threats IT teams must neutralize.
  • Provide network support. IT teams must ensure businesses stay operational and connected to their networks, as downtime can result in lost productivity, revenue and reputation.
  • Effectively communicate. IT teams are specialized in what they do and must collaborate and solve problems with other staff and colleagues. Often this means taking the time to explain complicated technical topics, so effective communication is needed to convey ideas quickly.

There are many roles an IT department must fulfil, and not every department shares the same responsibilities.

What are the consequences of an overstretched IT department?

Asides from an overworked and overstressed IT team, the consequences of an untargeted approach to IT can impact a company’s bottom line, particularly with overspending on systems and infrastructure.

Take the Auckland City Council as a recent example. The Super City has spent over $1 billion on IT since 2010, according to a 2016 article published in the New Zealand Herald. In the article, critics have claimed much of this budget was largely wasted on ultimately pointless tasks.

Total IT spending in New Zealand is expected to surpass $11 billion this year, according to a Gartner forecast report, a 2.4 per cent jump from 2016. While this is indicative of growth, New Zealand businesses should be aware that a comprehensive IT strategy is needed to ensure this investment is put to good use. 

Another pertinent example is the cost of cybercrime to New Zealand businesses, which totals around $250-$400 million a year according to another New Zealand Herald article published in April this year. An overstretched IT team may not be able to adequately protect a business from cybercrime.

Preparedness is key to countering cyber threats, and with PwC noting only 45 percent of New Zealand organizations have a cybersecurity response plan, many businesses are left vulnerable. 

Imagetext Integrated Solutions iCare support assists New Zealand businesses in getting the most out of their IT department.

What’s the solution?

Rather than spending more on increased capacity, removing the burden of excess IT and shifting it to an expert third party leaves your existing team with more time and energy to focus on the things that bring value to your organisation.

Imagetext Integrated Solutions iCare support assists New Zealand businesses in getting the most out of their IT department through a combination of monitoring and maintenance technologies. By relying on our over 30 years of IT experience, your team can operate with the confidence that they won’t be bogged down by the minutiae of IT, and instead be the heart that drives business growth.

To find out more about our custom IT solutions, get in touch with the team at Imagetext Integrated Solutions today.


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