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Auckland’s leading Apple Premium Service Provider

Imagetext is one of New Zealand’s leading Apple Premium Service Providers.  We look after both warranty and non-warranty repairs and have a drop in service centre ready to assist you.
Our service excellence rating is second to none and you can rest assured you Apple product will receive the very best in service and support.

For those whose machine’s are ‘mission critical’, we can offer a rental unit at an extra special rate for our service clients, subject to terms and availability.  These days your computer is a critical part of your everyday life and you need the fastest possible turn around time for your computer. At Imagetext we understand this and work hard to ensure you get your computer back as quickly as possible, usual within 2 days.

To contact us about your Apple service requirements please use this form or phone us on 09-623 3102.
Our Business Hours are: Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm

iMac 1TB Seagate Hard Drive Replacement Program

Apple has determined that certain Seagate 1TB hard drives used in 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac systems may fail.  These systems were sold between October 2009 and July 2011.
Apple is contacting effected iMac owners who provided a valid email address during the product registration process to advise about this program.

If you have been effected by, or would like to find out more about this program please go to this information page

iPod and iPad Assessment Fee – $42.50 incl GST
This covers the assessment of an out of warranty iPod or iPad or when an in warranty device is not covered due to abuse, accidental or liquid damage.  After the assessment we will advise the cost to have the device repaired or replaced through Apple’s chosen service strategy.

Mac Assessment Fee – $85 incl GST
This covers the assessment or inspection of Mac hardware out of warranty or when an issue isn’t covered by warranty such as a software issue, abuse, accidental or liquid damage.
Sometimes additional troubleshooting time is required for hard to identify issues.  We will stop at the end of the assessment and quote for additional time to isolate if required.

If you hardware is subject to an insurance claim we can provide written damage reports to your insurance company at the completion of the assessment for no additional cost.

Apple Service Department Hourly Rate (in-house only) – $170 incl GST
This is the hourly rate that is charged for additional work outside the above assessment fees upon customer approval.  This fee is only applicable when your machine is dropped off and picked up from our service department.

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