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The easy way.


Ever wondered how cool it would be to have both Mac's and Windows machines running on the same network, sharing the same resources and collaborating to improve productivity? Well you can.


Imagetext have been integrating Mac's into Microsoft Window's environments for over twenty years. At first it was hard to do... Appletalk, proprietary this and that... well those days are long gone.


Talk to Imagetext about how to get the best productivity for your business by integrating both wonderful platforms and start enabling greater creativity in your business, today.


Microsoft Active Directory? No problem

Microsoft Exchange? No problem

SharePoint? No problem

Thinking of integrating iPhone or iPad into your existing Windows environment? No problem

Have Mac's and Windows but your I.T department can't really support both? No problem


iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows? You choose
The easy way.


What makes a lot of sense in today's technology world is to offer choice. In fact, technology funding is also a hot topic these days, which of course leads back to the user choosing the technology they want to use.


Whether it is a Mac or a PC, an iPhone, Blackberry, Windows or Android, an iPad or another tablet device, talk to us and let us help you make the right technology choice for the job in hand.


Consumerisation is very much at play in today's business and a policy of "bring your own device to work" is something that could also work for you. Small, medium or large business - give us a call, today.


To contact us about your IT integration requirements, use this contact form or Phone us on 09 623 3102

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