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Technology for learning
At Imagetext our aim is to collaborate with your school to achieve your ICT strategic goals and learning outcomes, for students, teachers and staff. Providing expert advice, strategic planning and assisting faculty to provide reliable and cutting edge technology for learning.

We have dedicated specialists who care and understand because we have worked in the education sector. With over 26 years experience in the IT industry we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver outstanding support and service to your school.

Schools today are faced with more technology challenges than ever before, our children are digital natives and seem to understand technology almost before they can speak, while the average age of our teachers is 45, how do schools close this gap and offer students relevant and engaging learning.

At Imagetext we realise that Schools have a number of differences to businesses, as such we have a dedicated team to look after them. An ex teacher and an ex School Business Manager who have been on your side of the desk and understand the issues facing schools today lead that team. Add to this the second to none expertise of our engineering team and we have a compelling solution to offer.

PC and Apple expertise

We realise that your ICT requirements are as unique as your school and we are often asked to come up with unique solutions that are just right for your situation.

Imagetext have a vast breadth of experience in both Windows and Apple environments and are also specialists at integrating both together. We currently work with many schools in all types of capacities, sometimes we are the IT department and sometimes we work alongside the current IT infrastructure.

Our approach is to work in collaboration with each school providing them with the right amount of support in the right areas to help them meet these challenges. This relationship goes beyond simple supply and installation of equipment, although we can certainly provide those services to the highest degree.

Achieve learning outcomes

We all understand that if a teacher is engaged then the students will be engaged so the important questions to ask of the teachers are:

• How do you want to use this technology to support your learning outcomes?

• What professional development do the teachers need to make the most of the technology?

Once you have the answers to those questions we can find the right combination of products and services to offer your school. Weather you are a Mac or Windows based school or a combination of both Imagetext has the necessary skills to • Supply • Install • Maintain • Advise

Mobile Device Management is the latest buzz and we have set about becoming expert in this field so that we can provide you with the advice and skill needed to make the appropriate decision for your school.

Best of all our ability to provide reliable, expert advice and best of breed products such as Apple, Adobe, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Microsoft, Netwoking, Wi-Fi (wireless connectivity) and server expertise means that we can support your school regardless of what platform you choose to use.


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